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  • The content of the Impulse Institute has been created with the utmost care. Nevertheless, no rights can be derived from it. The Impulse Institute cannot be held accountable for the content of

  • This site does not provide medical advice. If you have health problems we advise you to always contact your GP (or possibly your specialist). This also applies to courses and trainings currently being provided the Impulse Institute or partners.

  • The information on this site can never replace information provided to a patient by a doctor or a nurse.

  • The Impulse Institute regularly checks the reliability of the information on the sites it links to. Nevertheless, the Impulse Institute cannot be held accountable for the content of other websites, nor for the privacy protection or services provided by other sites.

  • Copyright © 2019 Impulse Institute applies for all content (text, pictures, graphics, etc) of

E-mail disclaimer

  • You can derive no rights from e-mail messages.

  • An e-mail message is intended only for asking questions or making suggestions related to this website. It is not intended for medical questions.

  • The personal information you provide will only be used for dealing with your message, or for sending you job or news e-mails at your request. It will not be used for any other purpose, nor will it be passed on to persons outside the Impulse Institute, whatever their purpose may be.

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